Alcohol Based Formulation Hand Sanitiser

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Did you know that by simply massaging hand sanitiser into your hands for 30 seconds you will kill 99.9% of germs?

The quick and effective way to keep hands clean and free of harmful germs when there is no soap, water or hand drying facilities available – or as a supplementary hand hygiene option. Our hand sanitiser is a highly effective alcohol-based formulation that also contains moisturisers to leave your hands soft, moisturised and germ free.



  • First class hand care – moisturizing ingredients prevent drying and chafing and keep skin soft and supple
  • Rapid-drying, with three dosage settings Mist, Foam & XL
  • Protection at the point of use – requiring no water, hands can be sanitized at entry points and strategic positions anywhere in the building
  • Quick & easy installation by our trained service technicians
  • Hygienic refills – each bag comes with its own integral dispensing valve eliminating risk of bacteria growing on dispensing point
  • Choice of manual or auto dispensers
  • Hassle-free servicing at regular intervals to suit usage requirements


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