Bespoke Water Saving Devices

Senser_water_Mangement Water Management System


Using innovative, patented technology, our water management system ensures the perfect balance between hygiene & cost. Our water saving device prevents unnecessary urinal flushing. As a result, it can save up to 90% of water when compared to an uncontrolled cistern.

The water management system is an intelligent flush control system that uses sensor to detect movement from people using the urinals. Asa result, it’s only flushing the right amount of water for the footfall. We customise every installation to ensure that hygiene in your washroom at maximum as well as water savings are made.

Our water saving devices automatically align with your urinal usage, using exactly the right amount of water. The frequency can be customised if more or less water is required. A hygiene flush occurs once every 12 hours if our water management system does not detect any footfall.

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