A store group was established in 1882 with a reputation for distinctiveness and innovation, striking the perfect balance between prestige and value. Each store is unique in size and content and is responsible for its own recruitment.


To provide the best environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing sanitary waste disposal option for the customer. Also, to provide the customer with a cost effective and reliable solution to help reduce their water usage, this has been measured at 200 –250 cubic meters per month. The urinals are located in four floors across their site and are continually flushing water.

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Firstly, we installed our bespoke Auto Black & Chrome Shiny sanitary bins, which are the most hygienic disposal units in the world as there is no need for touching them with hands. These units contain a sanitising agent to prevent the odours.  Once the units are installed, they are ready to used straight away.

Secondly, the most efficient and cost effective solution for the customer was the installation of water management systems to control the flow of water in to each tank thus reducing and controlling the number of flushes in to each of the urinals which then decrease the customers water usage for each urinal. The urinal control is used for multiple station urinals and can be surface or ceiling mounted. After a pre-set time, the solenoid valve opens allowing water to flow into the cistern activating the flushing cycle. The fill-time for the cistern can be customised as required. An automatic ‘janitorial’ flush every 12 hours is also programmed into the unit, should the system not be used during that time to help flush away any waste. The individual sensing urinal control systems are designed to detect individual users and only flush when the user walks away.


The Auto Black and Chrome Shiny sanitary unit has helped the customer to be as environmentally friendly and hygienic as possible. The overall customer experience is better and the customer perception of how the business is run is heightened.

Active Washrooms not only delivered and installed water management systems on time in the four locations required. The installation of the urinal control units has reduced the usage from 200-250 cubic meters a month down to 40-50 cubic meters a month.

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