COVID-19 Solution Products and Services

Active Washrooms is a market leader in the field of Washroom & Hygiene Services in the UK, the safety of the general public and our technicians are of paramount importance to us. We at Active Washrooms provide guidance, advice and a large mobilised workforce to offer protection and legally compliant services to any business looking to contain the threat of COVID-19.


To help to avoid spreading the viruses, we recommend using one or more of our COVID-19 sanitising solution and infection control services:

COVID-19 Solutions and Infection Control

Air Sanitiser Units.


Washroom Sanitising Solution Services


Washrooms accumulate high levels of harmful bacteria and viruses. As well as with every flush, toilets and urinals force faecal microorganisms into the air. As a result, ultimately to settle on washroom surfaces or your skin. That unpleasant cocktail of harmful bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi in the air or surfaces may well creat infections.

Active Washrooms’ Air Sanitiser is the cure!. It eliminates unpleasant odours by controlling the harmful bacteria and viruses in the air and on exposed surfaces. What’s more, it’s not just for the washroom, you may use it anywhere if the hygiene’s a priority. This includes doctors’ & dentists’ waiting rooms and surgeries, reception areas, mother & baby rooms. As well as corridors and changing and locker room areas.


Hand Sanitiser

Washroom Sanitising Solution Services

The quick and effective way to keep hands clean and free of harmful germs when there is no soap. As well as if there is no water or hand drying facilities available or as a supplementary hand hygiene option. Active Washroom Hand Sanitiser is a highly effective alcohol-based formulation that also contains moisturisers. This leaves your hands soft, moisturised and germ-free.


Toilet Seat Sanitiser


Washroom Sanitising Solution Services


Combining stylish design and easy serviceability our Toilet Seat Sanitiser Dispenser is a great finishing touch to your washroom.  One that speaks volumes for your organisation’s concern for the comfort and health of staff, customers and visitors alike. The dispenser simply delivers a measured dose of sanitising liquid onto a tissue. This can be used to clean the toilet seat. As a result,  keeping your washrooms hygienic and giving your staff, customers and visitors peace of mind.

Social Distance Floor Mats



We have created a selection of social distancing designs that each highlight the recommended safe distance of approximately 2 metres apart. However, if you have any special requirements or own designs we can happily replicate these for you on your own custom-designed. Please speak with a member of our sales team who will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Our floor mats include:

  • Clearly displayed distance markers
  • Custom message mat designs available
  • Slip-Resistant vinyl backing
  • Colourfast pile fibres
  • Promote your company brand


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