Medical Waste Collection

Sharps Disposal

Why is this important?

The responsible disposal of sharps is an important part of your duty of care – not just to your own employees, customers and visitors but equally importantly to the wider public at large.

What is sharps waste?

The definition of sharps waste covers all sort of sharp instruments such as hypodermic needles/auto-injectors, scalpels, razor blades, fine needles, knives and so on.

What types of businesses should have sharps units?

Any business that employs staff who have a medical condition whose treatment uses sharps (E.g. diabetes, severe allergies)

Specifically medical and intimate services organisations, such as:

  • Doctors’ surgeries and health centres
  • Veterinary surgeries
  • Dental practices
  • Residential & nursing homes
  • Hairdressers/barbers and beauty salons
  • Tattooists

And any other organisation dealing with lots of people:

  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Major companies
  • Shopping centres
  • Department stores
  • Local authorities
  • Gyms and health centres
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