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Social Distance Floor Mats

Introducing our range of Social Distance Floor Mats, designed to help customers keep a safe distance apart from one another whilst on your premises. Our social distancing messages are displayed boldly on each of our mats that simply can’t be missed by customers, staff and visitors.

We have created a selection of social distancing designs that each highlight the recommended safe distance of approximately 2 metres apart. However, if you have any special requirements or own designs we can happily replicate these for you on your own custom-designed. Please speak with a member of our sales team who will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Our floor mats include:

  • Clearly displayed distance markers
  • Custom message mat designs available
  • Slip-Resistant vinyl backing
  • Colourfast pile fibres
  • Promote your company brand


Benefits of branding

Not only do our mats display an important safety message in a way that can’t be missed, but these premium entrance mats also help to trap up to 70% of the dirt trodden in on the soles of peoples shoes, they also hold up to a litre of water whilst keeping your floors cleaner for longer whilst forming a barrier between different areas of the workplace. The vinyl borders are low profile and the mats are just 6mm thick to reduce the chances of any slips, trips and falls.

Our network of service operatives is committed to maintaining clean mats in businesses throughout the UK. Our entrance mat services have the durability and the capacity for dirt capture which make these mats the perfect choice for highly frequented areas such as entrances, corridors, lift doors and reception desks.



Finishes available:
Product Features
  • Choice of sizes
  • Extremely durable nylon surface with bright solid colours
  • Slip resistant rubber backing
  • Suitable for daily vacuuming
  • Exchanged Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly by our trained service technicians
  • Hassle free servicing
  • Made in the UK


Tech Specifications

Our Safety Message Mats are created from premium quality materials including a robust slip-resistant vinyl backing and hard-wearing matting pile fibres that ensure a long lifespan

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