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Our Urinal Sleeves Solution help prevent costly urinal blockages and associated foul odours as well as reducing water cost and improving urinal hygiene and care in the process with this ingenious environmentally friendly device. As urine passes through and round the ‘bio-cap’ it dissolves a little of the active ingredient, which activates an enzyme that breaks down uric salts and lime scale into a completely harmless and eco-friendly bacterium. No more strong chemicals and cleaning agents – just a fresh minty fragrance that leaves your urinals smelling fresh and clean. Uniquely, Ureco is available in two sizes, and two colours: the small urinal sleeve for conventional urinals and the large urinal sleeve for stainless steel/porcelain trough urinals.

Finishes available:
Product Features
  • Save water – and money
  • Prevent blockages and foul odours
  • Protect the environment
  • Improve urinal appearance
  • Improve washroom experience for staff, customers and visitors

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