Active Washrooms Roller Towels are suitable for use in all washroom and hand wash areas and offer a hygienic and environmentally friendly method of hand drying.

Often the task of drying your hands is overlooked and a study shows that bacteria are more easily transmitted via wet hands that are not thoroughly dried, as bacteria remains on hands even after washing. It is vital to take adequate time to dry your hands properly.

The study in question compared the antimicrobial performance of textile towels and warm air dryers after artificial contamination and washing of hands. It demonstrated that the towels were superior to warm air dryers in producing greater reductions in bacterial numbers on the hands of subjects.

In general cloth towels have been found to out-perform warm air dryers with reductions of between 4-10% compared with increases in number of all types of bacteria on both the fingertips and palms. Contamination with areas associated with towel use tended to be localised to the area immediately below the towel. One caveat as the removable of bacteria is linked to the reduction of moisture on the subject’s hands as the towels age and the fibres fray, the towels capacity to absorb moisture decreases, thus the towels efficacy at bacterial removal decreases.

The research concluded that the use of both the paper and cloth towels resulted in a decrease in the numbers of bacteria recovered from both the fingertips and palms of test subjects hands post drying.


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