The Feminine Hygiene Units and Sanitary Disposal Units are vital elements in the maintenance of a clean and pleasant washroom environment. Our knowledgeable discreet, dedicated and professional male and female representatives are always around to ensure you’re complying with all relevant legislation.

To that end, all our sanitary disposal units are charged with a highly effective sanitizing agent that eliminates odours and kills bacteria inside the unit. Also, it is effective against Hepatitis and other such infections.

Available in either 15- or 20-litre capacities, our range of stylish and contemporary Feminine Hygiene Units are available in clean white, discreet grey, or designer black finishes. For an extra luxurious feel, we also offer units in Black/Satin and Chrome. Whatever the colour or style, all our sanitary units are either automatic or foot-pedal-operated for hands-free – just another way in which we promote better hygiene.

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