We offer  nappy collection services to nurseries around the UK and  hygiene collection services  to care home residents who have health conditions requiring the use of incontinence pads. We can provide you with all necessary consumables for the packaging of nappy, offensive, incontinence and clinical waste as well as a reliable waste collection services.


Active Washroom offensive and clinical waste collection services can supply an array of carefully sourced, customised wheelie bins. For customers with larger waste disposal requirements our standard sizes are 240L domestic size, 360L large domestic size. Also, we supply 770L  small industrial size 4 wheeled and 1100L 4 wheeled standard industrial size.

All units come fitted with locks for safer access when used for hazardous and nappy waste

  • Drop-front feature unique to the industry
  • Safe for outside with lock as standard
  • Yellow colour for visibility, avoiding confusion
  • Fully guaranteed unit
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