Bespoke washroom hygiene equipment

Our professional staff is well equipped & ready to handle products and services of any size. These services carried out for the private and public sectors including small businesses in the UK. Throughout the years we have developed a straightforward process. This process requires delivering on bespoke washroom services, custom requests or big projects.

Our team of engineers carries out a large plethora of work. This includes Feminine Hygiene Units, Hand Sanitisers, Hand Dryers, Air freshening, and clinical waste collection. Also, washroom hygiene monitors, toilet roll dispensers, toilet seat sanitiser, air steriliser & sanitising units, Nappy Disposals and baby care. As well as Sanitary Bins, modesty bags, medical Bins, and sharp bins. Providing clients with air purification units, urinal sleeves, urinal sanitiser, and water-saving devices. Also, soap dispensers, baby changing table, entrance & logo matting, and washroom vending machines

All our washroom hygiene products are combining stylish design and easy serviceability. As a result, all our Washroom hygiene equipment are the great finishing touch to your washroom. Also, one that speaks volumes for your organisation’s concern for the comfort and health of staff and visitors.

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