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Active Washrooms is one of the largest independently owned workplace service providers in the UK. As one of the biggest market leaders in the field of Washroom and Hygiene Services with over 20 years’ experience of washroom service delivery on a national basis. At Active Washrooms we use a team of fully trained, friendly and professional staff who will visit your business in Kent and surrounding regions on a regular basis to ensure that your products are fresh, clean and in optimum working condition. We cater for companies of every size, from small family run businesses to large nationwide chains, giving all of our customers the confidence that their washroom hygiene needs are being taken care of.

At Active Washrooms we offer bespoke washroom services and waste removal ensuring compliance with current legislation. The services offered in Kent include: Feminine Hygiene Units, Nappy and Baby Care Disposal, Clinical Waste Collections, Air Fragrance Enhancement, Entrancing & Logo Matting, Sanitary & Nappy Vending Products, Hand Dryers, Soap and Hand Sanitising Dispensers.

Our Kent regional office will ensure that the services will be carried out with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your business, whilst ensuring that you get the best from your products. Our range of innovative products coupled with a tailor made service, carried out with complete discretion, enable a pleasant and effective washroom environment for your employees and visitors alike.

We take great pride in serving our customers and providing free site examinations in order to provide you with insight on how we’ll plan on carrying out your project – feel free to reach out below to start.

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