Active Washrooms is transparent about its sustainability efforts and by investing in the right products and services, you can immediately start to improve your business’ sustainability efforts too.

During the pandemic, we have an increased understanding of how hygiene plays a crucial role in slowing down and preventing Covid-19 from being spread. This shift has allowed everyone to not only see the value of this industry, but to realise that we are building a new standard. It is crucial for the washroom and hygiene industry to adapt at the same pace as the pandemic is spreading.

Now more than ever, as a society we are becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the environment and how our actions are shaping the future of the planet. At Active Washrooms, we recognise that hygiene and sanitation services should be sustainable to contribute towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Active Washrooms overcomes all current limitations of our time and provides a wide range of  washroom hygiene products and services; whether that’s to maintain a high standard of cleanliness or to be more environmentally-friendly.

From sanitary bins to hand dryers, we offer an affordable one-stop shop of hygiene and sanitation goods which your business requires to remain clean and tidy. Please, contact us today for more information on how Active Washrooms could help to facilitate your hygiene requirements and improve your company’s environmental impact.

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