Say hello to Oliver, Operations Director

Oliver is in charge of day-to-day management of our Service Technicians and drivers, as well as all routing and finance management.

In his spare time Oliver likes cooking, gardening, walking, reading, going to the cinema, visiting new places and completing his research work. Oliver is a big fan of sci fi and fantasy such as Marvel, horror movies and documentaries. He also a big fan of Game of Thrones…sadly the only one in the office!

Oliver adores his dog Lily who he lovingly refers to as Lily the Vampire Slayer! He has a varied music taste with R&B, electronic and jazz as his favourite genres, as well as a bit of classic before bedtime.

Given his love of all things fantasy, not surprisingly Olivers’ favourite movies are Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter.

Oliver thinks the best thing about working for Active Group is facing the many varied and new challenges every day.

Make sure you say ‘hi’ if you see Oliver out and about!


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