Sharps Disposal Services. The definition of sharps waste is ‘anything that has been used to pierce, or has the potential to pierce the skin’. It’s important that your sharps waste is disposed of in a dedicated sharps bin of a suitable size. All of the following items should be put into an appropriate sharps bin:

Needles    Scalpels    Stitch cutters    Glass ampoules    Sharp instruments    Shards of bone and teeth    Syringes Lancets    Razor blades


At Active Washrooms, we offer regular sharp waste services which include providing the correct sharps units as well as the collection and the disposed of  your sharps waste in accordance with legislation without interrupting the day-to-day running of your business. Our bins can come in a variety of sizes to suit the amount of waste you produce:

1 Litre    3.75 Litres    4 Litres     5 Litres    7 Litres   11.5 Litres   22 Litres   30 Liters

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