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Active Washrooms won the tender to provide Washroom and Hygiene equipment in May 2018. This was based on the quality of the response and also the price they scored a total of 96% out of 100% during evaluation.

Implementation ran very smoothly with the appointed account manager performing a survey and saved addition costs by recommending alternative items. Previously, the contract was not well managed and we were being charged for many items not on site etc by the previous supplier, which Active picked up for us and we were able to request refunds for.

We also were in the process of splitting our requirement over two companies, and after much confusion from our side Active were extremely patient in crediting and re invoicing to the new company where they had been given incorrect information in the first instance.

We have regular meetings with Active and have not had any issues since the contract was awarded – we would certainly recommend.

Strategic Procurement & Payments manger-Local Authority
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