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Water Management System

Reduce your water consumption drastically by up to 90% by eliminating unnecessary and expensive water wastage. The programmable and highly versatile Sensaflush® urinal flush management system knows then your washroom’s ‘active’ or ‘idle’ and only flushes when it detects motion and therefore ‘knows’ a flush is necessary (If it detects no motion for 12 it automatically provides a sanitizing flush).

Available as either a battery operated or a mains unit, this easy-to-fit device is best used in conjunction with our serviced chemical or biological urinal sleeve range, reducing blockages in urinal pipes and associated call outs as well as delivering savings on wasted water usage.

How can I save money by having a Sensaflush® Water Management System Installed?

The great thing about Sensaflush® is you use only the water you really need – no more and no less – without the slightest compromise to your standards of hygiene.

Cost comparisons on a 15 Litre tank

 Unmanaged  Urinal with Sensaflush
Water Management System
 Flushes per hour  4  2
 Hours per day  24  8
 Days per week  7  5
 Weeks per year  52  52
 Litres per year  524,160  65,000
 COST PER YEAR  £1,189.84  £148.73

That’s a saving of £1,041.11 per year!

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